The Regular Guy Barber Shop

286 US Highway 206 - Flanders, NJ  07836





Custom Cuts Available



Haircuts $17.00 cash

Bald men $13.00 cash


Haircuts with CC $18.00

Bald men with CC $14.00


Special Discounts

New Customers $2.00 Off


Children under 12 yrs. 

$2.00 Off (Tue. Wed. Thu.)



We accept credit cards

We accept all of "their" coupons

We can fix all of "their" haircuts

The Regular Guy Barber Shop established in 1971.

Old & New styles...long styles, short cuts, regular, short regular, flat tops, buzz cuts, fades, mohawks, fo-hawks, high and tight, flips, hybrids, spikes, and more! 


No Appointment Necessary! Walk-ins Always Welcome

Hours Of Operation

 Monday  8am - 3pm
 Tuesday  8am - 7pm
 Wednesday  9am - 5:30pm
 Thursday  9am - 7pm
 Friday  8am - 7pm
 Saturday  7am - 3pm
 Sunday  7am - 1pm